What To Know And What To Do When Driving In Japan

Driving in Japan is a different challenge from driving anywhere else. Most of the road signs are home-grown, the drivers do not drive in ways that you expect, and there are rules of the road that you have never heard about.

The good thing is that there are not all that many of them. It is not too difficult to drive in Japan – once you have familiarized yourself with the rules, roadsigns and writing on the road.

Driving in Japan is easy – if you clear up your confusion ahead of time.

I have written quite a bit about driving in Japan here, but it may be hard to find if you have to cruise between the pages. So let me give you a little guide to what I have written about driving in Japan.

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1. The Road Signs

Japan has its own completely homegrown flora of road signs. Most of the streetsigns you will find in Japan are different from street signs in other countries. So here are some articles to guide you.

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2. Japanese Traffic Culture

The driving culture in Japan is different from other countries, even other countries that drive on the left. It is firmly rooted in politeness, conflict avoidance, and the other values that shape personal interactions in Japan.

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3. Read Up In Advance

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